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Structure for instructors of music-inspired cycling classes

The Struct Club debut platform for iPhone and Spotify is live on the App Store, enabling you to choreograph and navigate class without missing a beat-drop. Ideally suited for emerging and leading cycle instructors, and anyone done with playlist memorization or paper notes. We are made for fitness instructors, by fitness instructors to serve our community while amplifying unique instructor style and energy.

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Organization. Simplified.

Struct Club helps you plan, run, and manage your classes


Plan Class


Struct Club integrates with Spotify, allowing you to choreograph class by annotating your playlist with intervals, intensity levels, technical cues, inspiring quotes, or notes-to-self (hit the fans and switch the lights!).

Run Class


Struct Club cues what to do, when, for the exact duration in-time with your playlist, and keeps you on-point, so you can focus on being you – after all, that’s why your class members keep coming back!

Manage Classes


Save time and scale your brand by repurposing Classes! Duplicate and edit prior Classes. Mix-and-match segments you've already choreographed. Swap out old songs you'd like to replace with fresh ones.


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